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Consumers need information to be able to find and keep good service providers, products, or vendors. Lack of information about a given brand always elicits the feeling of fear, uncertainty or mystery that many customers hate. One of the most effective ways consumer activists are helping consumers is through the release of consumer reports.

On the Internet, things move a bit faster a feat that demands the consumers and the activists to chime in with a bit more information. Most companies, however, provide a customer reviews section where consumers can easily navigate to comments and feedback left by previous buyers. This not only helps to educate them, but also helps them avoid buying from sellers with a bad customer experience chat.

Despite operating as e-commerce companies, many essay writing companies do not have a customer reviews system for their customers. Most experts point to the need for privacy as the motivation behind the lack of reviews.

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Students as consumers

Like other consumers, students need information about different service providers when making decisions on what to buy, or what not to buy. By reading essay writing company reviews, students will be able to narrow down their searches to expert writers only, and to also shun rogue service providers. catatanrimbun.com helps students discover these elements of consumerism in that section.

Why we review essay writing companies

One of the most effective things offered on this website is giving students the opportunity to find excellent essay writing companies. The most effective way to learn about this is through the customer reviews we get on this website. The reviews help us come up with a list of customer favorite essay writing companies- worthy recommendations students can buy from at a whim. In addition to this, we also take our time to check out some of the most effective ways students can use to get the most out of essay writing companies.

How it works

catatanrimbun.com has a large network of users who have been past customers on essay writing companies. We use their ratings to come up with a list of top essay companies. In addition to this, we also send out some of our expert to check out and audit various essay writing companies. Some of the things they uncover include where the companies get their writers from, how they price their services, their working customer support channels, payment options and how they treat revisions, plagiarism, etc.